Sell Antique Guns Scottsdale for the most cash possibleAntique guns are rifled in our history of the Civil War, World Wars and the Old West. The not only were a trusted firearm at the time, but are remnants of the history of our country. Whether you have been collecting them for years, or been handed down through generations, they are national treasures!  If you want to sell these treasure troves, sell antique guns Scottsdale residents for the best cash offers!

We will buy an assortment of antique firearms…for example:

  • Winchester Model 1873 rifle
  • 1848 Colt Dragoon .44 revolver
  • 1800’s European dueling pistols
  • “Old Reliable” Sharps mid-range rifle
  • Blair & Sutherland Flint Musket
  • Just to name a few rare and beautiful pieces


The Best Cash Offers to Sell Antique Guns Scottsdale 

Our on-site manager will give the best and most accurate cash offer to North East Valley residents! How can we make that claim? Well, being that he served in our military and has had hand-on experience with weaponry, quite easily! The expertise in the safety, firing and assembly of these antiques, ensures he will be targeted to the most cash possible!  At North Scottsdale Loan and Guns, we take pride in our associates and their skilled abilities!

When you bring in your antique 1863 Norfolk Musket, the appraisal will start with ensuring that it is in working order. After that, considering if it has all original parts, or how much has been replaced with newer parts. Followed by how much restoration has been done or is needed.  Each perspective of an antique gun’s appraisal is essential for the best cash offer possible!


Authentic and Rich with History

Sell Antique Guns - North Scottsdale Loan & GunsWhen it comes to antiques of any kind, the story that’s been handed down with it is always intriguing. Most importantly though, you can cash in when your firearm has a certificate to authenticate those claims. It definitely increases its worth in the fair market value, and will increase our cash offer.

And in addition to that, any accessories that you have to go with that antique gun or rifle will mean more cash in your pocket. Whether it is an original scope, holster, ammo and/or gun sling, they too will add more value to your sale


We Also Buy Antique Swords, Knives and Armor

In addition, North Scottsdale Pawn and Guns loves to buy antique weaponry of any kind and any time period! So, do not hesitate to bring in rare daggers, bayonets, battle axe or antique tribal bow and handmade quivers.

Our store is revered for the quality items that we buy, sell and pawn. Where are offers reflect the current market value and the offers that North Scottsdale has come to rely on!

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