Pawn Guns

We make pawn loans on any and all guns. A gun expert is always on hand to value your item.

Sell Your Gun

Our resident gun expert will always ensure you're getting the most cash possible. Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, we can give you cash for them all.

We Buy Guns

The Gun Buyer Scottsdale trusts, paying the most cash for all guns in town.

True Gun Experts

Our store manager comes with years of experience, so you can trust that your gun is in professional hands.

<h2>Get a short term pawn loan for cash today<h2/>


Get a short term pawn loan for cash today

North Scottsdale Loan & Gun  makes it easy. We will loan the most money on 90-day loans for your Remington, Colt, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Browning, Mossberg and any other gun manufacturer that you might own.

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<h2>We will give you the most cash for your vintage and collectible firearms<h2/>


We will give you the most cash for your vintage and collectible firearms

From front loading muskets of to vintage Navy issued Colt black powder pistols we offer free appraisals and are prepared to pay you cash for your collectible shotguns, rifles and pistols and accessories.

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We will give you cash today for your Guns! New, Used or Collectible!

Everything we buy or loan on is first appraised by our trained professionals. If you are using your valuable firearm as a loan you can rest assured that our safe/storage area is monitored 24-hours a day and insured by Lloyds of London so you never have to worry.

Foreign and Collectible Guns

Luger, Beretta, Bersa, Walther, Browning, Colt

Get The Most Cash Fast

Get the cash you need today with the best offer to Pawn or Buy your gun outright.

Fair and Competitive

Call or stop by to see why our private, professional, secure loan solutions might be right for you.

Dedicated Safety

We have a state-of-the-art security where we store your items for cash you need.

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