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    FFL Gun Transfer Policy

FFL Gun Transfer Policy

Here at North Scottsdale Loan and Guns, we offer many types of pawn loans for firearms. We also offer a gun transfer service that we must explain to owners requesting such services. We believe this is an important service and as such we need to address how the FFL Gun Transfer Policy works under North Scottsdale Loan and Guns.

What is a FFL Gun Transfer?

A Federal Firearms License (FFL) Gun Transfer is simply the process of receiving a firearm to our location (as we are FFL compliant and certified) via a different carrier, online or otherwise. There’s a procedure that is strictly enforced in the transfer and is required by state and federal law that we must follow:

  1. The customer must completely fill out an ATF Form 4473 (per required by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) on site along with paying the fee of $35. For the time being, this is done in cash. We also require a Current and Valid Arizona State-issued Driver's License. This license MUST have the most current address information.
  2. We then proceed to run the required background check standardized by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).
  3. ONLY when we are given a “Proceed” decision do we continue to provide the transfer of a firearm, and only AFTER the form and process is complete. (We are still entitled to place a hold on the firearm even after paying the transfer fee)

These guidelines are in place to ensure we are granting responsible gun owners the firearms they rightfully deserve. That said, we must also disclose this information so they understand what our processes are.

Why Can't I Just Ger my Guns Directly to Me?

Simple. That would be in violation of the standards set by the ATF Bureau. Instead, they allow us FFL holders to handle that process to ensure we are presenting arms to able bodied and able minded citizens. It also acts as a means of both a ‘paper trail’ and a ‘checks and balance’ system. Finally, even following procedures, there may be the occasional hold on firearms for additional safety reasons. We FFL holders do have this right. This is only if there is an anomaly in regards to not receiving the “Proceed” clearance from the background check. This can also occur if there is a delay in shipping and time is needed for its arrival. After all, it is the reputation of North Scottsdale Loan and Guns on the line, and we take transfers of this nature seriously.

So that’s how FFL Gun Transfers work at North Scottsdale Loan and Guns?

Truth be told, that’s how all FFL holders operate. But we wanted to be as upfront of this policy as we can, so that you know what we will provide in terms of service to you, our customers. While we are relatively young as a gun pawn shop, we were a PAWN SHOP for over ten years, so we understand the importance of following guidelines. Also, the payment of FFL Gun Transfers is a transaction based on trust. You trust us to provide your firearm, be it handgun or otherwise, we trust you to understand what the transfer entails. In doing so, we hope you will consider us for your FFL Gun Transfers in the future.